Certain topological indices and polynomials for the semitotal-point graph and line graph of semitotal-point graph for Dutch windmill graph

Salma Kanwal, Mariam Imtiaz, Ayesha Manzoor, Nazeeran Idrees, Ammara Afzal


Dutch windmill graph [1, 2] and denoted by Dnm. Order and size of Dutch windmill graph are (n−1)m+1 and mn respectively. In this paper, we computed certain topological indices and polynomials i.e. Zagreb polynomials, hyper Zagreb, Redefined Zagreb indices, modified first Zagreb, Reduced second Zagreb, Reduced Reciprocal Randi´c, 1st Gourava index, 2nd Gourava index, 1st hyper Gourava index, 2nd hyper Gourava index, Product connectivity Gourava index, Sum connectivity Gourava index, Forgotten index, Forgotten polynomials, M-polynomials and some topological indices in term of the M-polynomials i.e. 1st Zagreb index, 2nd Zagreb index, Modified 2nd Zagreb, Randi´c index, Reciprocal Randi´c index, Symmetric division, Harmonic index, Inverse Sum index, Augmented Zagreb index for the semitotal-point graph and line graph of semitotal-point graph for Dutch windmill graph.


Dutch windmill graph, Operations on graphs, Subdivision of graph, Semitotal-point graph, Line graph.

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Certain Topological Indices and Polynomials for the Semitotal-point Graph of Dutch Windmill Graph and its 1L5ine Graph

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.19184/ijc.2019.3.2.1


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